Ashley Cowie is an archeological explorer, lecturer, published author and the youngest Knight Officer in the Scottish Knights Templar. In 2002, Ashley was elected into the "Society of Antiquaries of Scotland," the oldest antiquarian body in Scotland founded in 1780 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1783. Ashley's first book chronicles his discovery of a carving in Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel, which is believed to be the oldest carved map in Europe.  His second book documents his analysis of the symbols in a 19th century painting entitled "Templar Knight in Rosslyn Chapel." Ashley has written three further books focusing on anciient symbols, artiacts and lost  knowledge, which will be published in 2011 and 2012.  Additionally, he has written multiple academic research papers and delivered several visual presentations and lectures at the International Science Festival. He is currently adventuring around the world searching for ancient artifacts and shooting his new TV Show Legend Quest, which premiers on SyFy Channel on the 13th July.